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Samba de Janeiro: Samba de Amigo: Dreamcast Samba De Amigo Cha Cha Maracas

Samba de Amigo Computer Game

Samba Test
Instruction Manual PDF
Visit GameSpot for instant access to 1 Samba de Amigo review,
2 Samba de Amigo previews, 7 news stories, 26 screenshots,
and 12 gameplay movies.

Abanda - http://www.abanda.dk
Group of 86 blunt horns, brasil-percussion and blond dancers performing samba, frevo, maracatu, afoxe, baiao and merengue for carnivals and festivals in EU and LATAM.

Aquarela - http://www.aquarela.com/
Professional dance ensemble promoting Brazilian dance, culture, music and carnival in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Birds of Paradise - http://www.birdssf.com/
Brazilian Dance and costume in a high energy performance. Beautiful samba dancers in outrageous feathers and sequins. Also offering dance lessons and exclusive costume design.

Brazil Culture & Arts: Silicon Valley's Samba School - http://www.brazilca.com
Organization dedicated to bringing Brazilian culture to the Bay Area through dance, music and martial arts.

Edinburgh School of Samba - http://www.ed.ac.uk/~jkstew/latin/samba.html
Definition of Samba, information about the school and others.

GRES SambaLá - http://www.sambala.org/
A school promoting Brazilian culture in Southern California.

Samba in Finland - http://www.samba.fi/sskl/index.phtml?lang=eng
Helsinki samba carnaval, information, and links.

Samba in France - http://sambistas.online.fr/en-france/indexEn.shtml
Information about batucada and samba schools in France.

SambaFrog - http://www.sambafrog.com/
A company in Sydney, Australia, offering Brazilian dance and percussion classes, workshops and performances.

The Girls From Ipanema - http://www.thegirlsfromipanema.com
Brazilian dance and music review starring Christiane Callil.

World-Wide Samba - http://www.worldsamba.org/
Samba lovers from all around the world have gotten together to form a comprehensive repository about samba. Information about the International Federation of Sambistas, samba schools inside and outside Brazil, and samba organizations from 15 different countries.

Yahoo Groups: Samba - http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/dir/Entertainment___Arts/Performing_Arts/Dance/Samba
Online communities pertaining to Samba dancing.

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